Why golfing pants are the best traveling pants

Travelers often wear two types of pants: hiking pants and jeans. The former has the advantage of being functional (moisture wicking, quick drying, and breathable). However, the biggest issue is that they look hideous for urban travel. I mean, c’mon, look at this:

With this you scream "I'm a tourist, mug me!"

With this you scream: “I’m a tourist, mug me!”

Jeans, on the other hand, are generally stylish and versatile. However, the biggest problem is that they are too heavy and too bulky to carry, too hot in humid weather, and take too long to dry. While it trumps in style, logistically, it sucks.

Thus, travelers often face one set of problems, depending on the pants that they are wearing. As a result, they tend to bring both. However, it is quite a hassle trying to change pants every time for the sake of “appropriateness”. However, there is a solution. There is one type of pants which has all of the advantages of the two, compromising on none. Behold, the golfing pants:

Nike Golf Men's Flat Front Tech Pant

Nike Golf Men’s Flat Front Tech Pant. Get it here

Golfing pants have three qualities which make it the perfect travel pants: style, versatility and function. Let me make a quick rundown of them below:

1. Style
Golfing pants are not the usual sporting sweat trousers. These are stylish and could pass along as dress pants. If you use dark and conservative colours like brown or dark grey, they are pretty much “cruise ship buffet material”, unlike jeans which are usually frowned upon in this type of events. Throw in a sports coat and you could now attend those fancy cruise ship parties. Fancy eh? Golfing pants are also associated with business casual dressing, thus it gives off a smart aura when visiting museums, or when eating at fancy restaurants and cafes.

2. Versatility
Golfing pants are very versatile. They could be paired with a t-shirt, a polo shirt, a hoodie, or a button down shirt. You could take it out to hike in the early morning, and then wear the same to clubs in the evening. Buy one which has a neutral/dark/conservative colour so that they could easily be paired with anything.

3. Function Golfing pants also offer function in two ways: stretch and wicking. Golfing pants are made to be stretchy (by infusing a bit of spandex fabric) to accommodate the golfer’s movements. In the case of travel, this means that golfing pants allow for easier movement. Such is a must when you are constantly walking or biking around from one tourist attraction to the next. Golfing pants are also made to wick moisture away from the body. This ensures a comfortable…um, feeling, despite the fact that you have been hiking around all day long.

The catch: While golfing pants are, in my opinion, the holy grail of travel pants, they can be quite expensive. After all, golfing is not a cheap hobby. However, I found a cheap one from Uniqlo (I got it at about 12 USD / 590 PHP). Unfortunately, their company is not anymore selling those pants here in the Philippines. If you are not from the Philippines, please do check from your local Uniqlo store if they are still stocking the same.


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