My Actual Japan Travel Itinerary

Japan always had the reputation of being an expensive country. I think that seems fair. After all, taxis in Japan have one of the highest flagdown rates all over the world (at a whooping 700 JPY). However, combining the effects of a cheap yen, and a strong (for now) Philippine peso, a Japan trip doesn’t have to incinerate one’s bank account.

I’ll make a blog containing budget suggestions for Food and Accommodation soon. I’ll just include here the total amount that I’ve spent, broken down into categories. Note that this does not include shopping (though, I didn’t regret my shopping, and I’ll also make a blog for shopping ideas in Japan). Without further ado, here is my liquidation report (“rounded off” to hundreds for simplicity):

Expense Cost (in PHP)
Airfare (promo fare),taxes and VISA*
Accommodation* 7100
Transportation** 3600
Food (basic) 4800
Food (splurge and snacks) 1400
Sights*** 2700
Total 28,600

As of the time of writing, 1 USD = 44.12 PHP

*Overnight bus to Kyoto included here.

**Bought a Kyoto pass, while point-to-point tickets only for Tokyo.

*** Sight entrance fees, onsen, museum fees

Here is my itinerary:

Day 1

Arrival at Narita Int’l Airport

Ueno Park and Tokyo National Museum

Akihabara (maid cafe, arcade and electronics shopping)

Day 2

Shibuya crossing

Takeshita dori/Harajuku

Meiji Jingu

Day 3

Asakusa (Sensoji Temple and Nakamise)

Tokyo cruise

Hana Rikyu gardens

Tsukiji fish market

Ginza stroll

Overnight bus to Kyoto

Day 4

Trip to Nara

Nara walk (get it here)

Returned to Kyoto

Day 5

Nijo Castle


Arashiyama (Tenryu-ji, bamboo forest, and Arashiyama monkey park)

Dinner and night out to Osaka, returned ASAP

Day 6


Philosopher’s walk



Overnight bus to Tokyo

Day 7

Ameyokocho shopping

Odaiba trip

Oedo Onsen

Day 8

Trip to airport

Back to the Philippines

So that wraps up my liquidation report. I hope I inspired you in some way to visit Japan.

Got this sushi set, fresh from the market, at only 500 JPY (about 180 PHP). How could I say no?

Got this sushi set, fresh from the market, at only 500 JPY (about 180 PHP). How could I say no?


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